An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed - Book Review

Title: An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed

Author: Helene Tursten

Narrator: Suzanne Toren

Genre: Mystery

Audiobook Length: 4 hours and 52 minutes

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Learn more about my rating system here)

Review: An Elderly Lady Must Not Be Crossed by Helene Tursten is the second book to An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good. These books were recommended to me by a friend. Given the title of the books I was a little leery to try reading them but I rationalized that if I did not like them I could just stop. I ended up enjoying both of them. I liked the second one more, it has an overlying plot/storyline where as the first one was just a collection of stories all put together. I also liked how we got to see more about Maud when she was little instead of just as an old lady. Similar to the first one this book has some F words in it so don’t be surprised by that.

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